How many of us can proudly say that we went out there today and failed at something? If you are not nodding your head right now, then you are exactly the person I want to be talking with. Almost every single person in this world wants to be successful. We may not shout our desires off of the rooftop or even admit it to ourselves at times, but success is something that we all crave. This desire lives deep inside of us. We were all meant to be massively successful, however, we often feel as though success is out of our reach. This is because of a fear that lives deep with in most of us. It is installed in our brains from the moment we enter society. That is our fear of failing.

If you had to take a guess, how many people do you think hopped onto a bicycle for the first time and road off into the sunset? Probably none. It is much more likely that the first time we got on a bike, we fell right off. Did that stop us from learning how to ride a bike? No! We got right back on that bicycle and fell again and again and again and again until we finally took off! Though success is a little more complicated than simply learning how to ride a bike, it is also very similar. Every individual has what I like to call a failure threshold. We are only willing to handle failing so many times at a venture until we inevitably give up and decide that whatever we were pursuing just isn’t in the cards for us. This is the reason why so many people never achieve great success in their life. They let their temporary discomforts blind them from the end result.

I have worked as a waitress in a restaurant. I was never really interested in becoming a waitress because I wasn’t really sure I had the personality for it. I felt more comfortable blending in the background. However, I knew that I would make more money being a waitress so I decided to go for it. (When your gut tells you to do something, more than likely it is telling you that for a reason) When I finally finished training and started taking tables of my own, I was the WORST. I had customers complain about me and say that it was the worst service they ever had! I would go to work everyday with a pit in my stomach and leave ready to burst into tears. I mean I failed hard and I failed for awhile. After failing so many times, we begin to see patterns. We start to see what works, what doesn’t, what we were doing right, and what we were doing wrong. We learn far more from failing than we do from continuous success. I eventually became one of the top earning waitresses at the restaurant. Now, I don’t tell this story to marvel crowds by any means. Being the top waitress at a restaurant has never been something I’m extremely proud of and it is definitely not a defining factor in my life, but whenever that feeling of uncertainty creeps into my mind, I simply remind myself that I once was an awful waitress and I became the best.

Maybe for you, it is not being a terrible server. We are all different and we all have different life experiences. However, I believe that every single person has something that they were not initially good at but over time gained that skill. When ever you feel like something you are pursing is not working out for you and you feel like you are failing, remember you are going in the right direction. The more we are willing to fail, the more we are open to fail, and the more we actually learn to enjoy failure, the more success we will have. Fail hard, fail fast, fail as much as you can. There is no happiness without pain and there is no success without failure. Don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t let a little failure scare you away from what you want to accomplish. When we get the feeling of discomfort and we push past that feeling, that is usually a huge indicator of great change that is about to occur in ones life.



Why do we do things that we do not love to do? I guess the better question is, why do we teach people to partake in activities they do not love and enjoy? We all want to be happy and almost all of us want the freedom to be happy. Most people do not wake up in the morning and intentionally wish to have a miserable day. Yet we go through our days at places we dislike, studying topics that bore us, and hanging around with people whom we do not connect with. We are taught by society to go to school, get good grades, eventually get a high paying job, and then work really hard until we reach about 65. Then after that we watch tv for about ten years, remembering all of the missed opportunities, questioning why we never REALLY lived, and we die. Nobody wishes for that life and nobody was destined to live that way. Unfortunately, there is a lot of people out there who will do just that, because they never realized that not doing that was even an option! 

Most of us at some point have probably flirted with the idea of dropping out of school. Maybe the idea never flourished past, “I hate it here! I wish I didn’t have to be here,” but the feeling of longing to escape lived somewhere within you. Probably even more people dislike their job and desperately want to quit. On top of that number of people, there are probably even more people who simply tolerate daily activities in their life! So why are we constantly passing judgment on those who decide to rid themselves of these routine rituals, society has created, that aren’t bringing happiness? Society constantly belittles people by ranking them according to their education, their job, and their social statuses! Why?

We should be celebrating boldness. We should encourage creativity and celebrate those who stray from the designed trail. This would encourage more people to take chances and leave the fears behind that confine us to a life of security and not a life of true and pure happiness. Who are we really benefiting by shaping to a life of routine and control? We don’t need a crappy job, a perfect degree, or a controlling boss to create stability in our lives. We have the power to do it already. Our dreams should not have to be played safe and we should never fear what people think. Instead, we should break free of the mold that pushes us apart instead of bringing us together. Doesn’t real stability involve the entire world being in unity? We can’t do it alone. We have to help each other and the easiest way to help each other is to do the things you love and love the things you do. A life fulfilled is a life of pure happiness and nobody can tell you what that life consists of but YOU. You will be amazed to find out how many lives you can change simply by following your dreams to wherever they may lead you. Image

The idea of magic is an interesting concept. We often marvel at its exciting and surprising nature.  We sometimes describe events in our life as magical. However, we often forget that a magician does not simply make a coin appear from thin air. The magician uses sleight of hand so precise that its presence is invisible to the naked eye or at least to the eye that is not looking for it.

“I can’t believe this happening to me!” This is a common announcement made by people on a daily basis. As if some magician came into existence and bestowed a terrible event onto the life of an individual. We say these words without even comprehending the message we are really telling ourselves. As the magician uses sleight of hand with his magic tricks, we also unknowingly use sleight of hand daily, making good and bad experiences appear in our life like a magician’s coin in their magic trick. When we focus on the message we are sending to the world, we begin to break through the barriers of a belief that a mysterious force controls our life, and we realize the true power we possess.

Take the word happening for example. Thing are constantly happening around us, near us, far from us, and to us. If we really look deep into the word at its true meaning, we find something quite interesting. Happen (v) Ensue as an effect of result of an action of belief. Nothing simply “happens” to anyone, just like a coin does not magically appear into existence. Every single event in our life, we lead up to it. We make the conscious decision to wake up in the morning, to hang out with the people we hang out with, to work where we work, to live where we chose to live. There are no circumstances for anything. We created the circumstances. Take credit for all of the good things surrounding you in your life and take blame for the bad things that happen. Look closely and you will realize the true magic is the power of choice. Everything in your life is yours. You made it appear. You are the magician and life is your trick. It is time to WAKE UP to the life you have chosen for yourself.  You did all of that while you were asleep! Imagine what you can discover when you are awake.   

Today I decided to go to a presentation on, How to Ask the Right Questions. I was excited to learn something that I have not learned before. However, when I arrived and the speaker began his spiel, things went completely off tangent. Instead of learning, How to ask the RIGHT questions, I found myself being told why Pharmaceutical Sales is such an amazing industry to work in. Now at first I was just wishing and praying that this guy would stop talking our ears off. I played on my phone a little and doodled my name a few times in my notebook. I then made the decision to tune back into his presentation. There was no way  I couldn’t get something valuable out of what he was saying. I  began to realize, it wasn’t what this man was saying that was so off putting to me, but HOW he was saying it.

He kept reiterating how wonderful this industry was to work in, but everything his tone was saying said the complete opposite. He was unenthusiastic, pessimistic, and lacked any sort of passion. This is because every reason that he gave to support why the industry was so amazing had to do with benefits, money, and advancement opportunity. He was not driven by PASSION, he was driven by security. We are constantly told to go to school, get good grades, work really hard until we are about 65 years old. Then after that we watch TV for about ten years and we DIE.

We are society living off a lifestyle that no longer fits to who we are! We are passing the dream of security on from generation to generation. Well guess what, a dream that gets passed on is no different than a hammy down. It eventually loses its shine. Everyday we wake up by choice. We get out of bed and go to work because we CHOSE to. Nothing makes us do it. Think about that next time you do something you don’t particularly enjoy. Who is putting a gun to your head telling you that you MUST do it. You will most likely find the person holding the gun is you. If your living your life to be secure instead of FREE, for money instead of passion, then it’s time to WAKE UP. You don’t have to do anything in life you don’t want to, so don’t live it a certain way because your TOLD to. Believe in yourself and your dreams will lead you down the right path for you.

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What do you think about when you hear the word attraction? Most of us look into the mirror, wink at the reflection, and think I look attractive today, or we look into the mirror and think, today I am not feeling so attractive. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I was introduced to the idea of attracting the things I desire into my life. What a wonderful concept!  This is a pretty hard concept to wrap your mind around at first. Society constantly reminds us about our limitations. DON’T FAIL! If you fail you will be held back. If you are held back, you won’t get a good job. If you don’t get a good job, you will be poor. Well let me start off by saying that all of that is completely false. If you can conceive it, you can achieve it. I was introduced to the idea of positive thinking, taking responsibility, and visualization. These are all extremely powerful tools and can lead you into the right direction of accomplishing anything that you can dream up. However, I realized that though these are a crucial part of attracting the things you desire into your life, it goes a lot deeper than that.

Getting what you want out of life is a formula, just like 2+2=4. No matter how you spin it, 2+2 will always equal 4. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, hailing, a giant meteor is heading towards the earth, 2+2, you guessed it, is still 4. So what is the formula of attraction? It’s very simple. Seeing what you want + Believing you can achieve it + wait for it……….BECOMING the type of person who can receive it.

You see, we can dream the biggest dreams in the world. We can think about them all of the time and they will exist, but the only way that you can allow it to enter into your present situation is if you take the steps to become the person who can receive it. The easiest way to become that person is to allow people who already have what you want guide you. Make a list of exactly what you want. Be specific. Know it by heart. Feel it in your heart. Then write another list. Write a list of the traits you would need to have that. If you want to be an amazing basketball player, you are going to have to step onto the court. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We know this to be true. We teach this. So make it true in your life. Get out there and start DOING! How many hours a day do we waste watching TV? Why not transfer some of those hours into doing something productive. Start becoming the person you want to be, so you can receive the things you want to see. Never stop improving on yourself. Don’t let fear of failing hold you back from chasing your dreams. Failing is a wonderful thing. Thomas Edison didn’t just invent the light bulb. He found 100 ways how not to do it first. Learn, Grow, and make an honest effort to become more than who you are today. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Here’s an awesome video to give you some inspiration to start seeing, believing, and taking action! Massive action will bring great change!

That is a good question. One that I cannot answer. I could tell you where my road goes, but I’m not you and you’re not me. This question is one you must ask yourself.
When we are born, we know exactly what we want and we go for it. There are no boundaries, just pure desire. As we get older, the boundaries begin to pile up.
We tend to lose our ability to dream. We become accustom to being told what we can’t do and what is possible. Society encourages us to dream small. Get a job, Go to school,
Don’t be different, Don’t Fail! Our minds begin to shelter us with these thoughts. We start to feel fear of the unknown and we move further away from being one with ourselves.

Everything I have said does not scream, THERE IS NO HOPE! On the contrary. There is a very simple solution. It all starts with releasing the fear of Dreaming BIG. When you
look at your future, what does it hold? What do you really want? It is completely normal to not know what your true dream is. Sometimes we have not been lead down the path that
has answered that question. Take a step back, look at you life and simply ask for the answer. What are my dreams and desires? Do you want to change lives, create something beautiful,
find love, travel, all of the above? No dream is stupid, but some dreams are too small. If you do happen to know what your deepest desires are, don’t be afraid of them! Think about
them often, feel about them often, and let them create a life of their own. Your wide awake dreams are the ones with the most power.

“Dream delivers us to dream, and there is no end to illusion. Life is like a train of moods like a string of beads, and, as we pass through them, they prove to be many-colored lenses which paint the world their own hue. . . . ” -Ralph Waldo Emerson